The Goddess

Standing tall with a deep meditterean complexion. Olive toned curves. Exquisite tattoos. Eyes as dark as the thoughts in My mind.
Specialising in the humilation and degradation of men. One quick flick of My razor sharp tongue is enough to bring any submissive man down to their knees.
Prepare to be morphed into the play thing I so sadistically desire.
A Dominatrix like no other.

The world of Femdom is crying out for a breathe of fresh air and that is embodied in Me. My practice is unique. I possess a vast ever expanding skilll set. Nothing pleases Me more than watching My boys fall into the depths of their subspace with My presence and words as their guide. I am a sadist but not always stern faced. My play is exactly that. Playful.
But be warned do not dare mistake this for weakness…

“The most sadistic blow is not felt through the weight of My hand but through the weight of My disappointment.”

Miss Nera Skye
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